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Case Centennial Plow, March 7
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I do richly detailed, sharp focus, formal photographs of natural settings, organic subjects, and human-made artifacts ranging in size from hand tools to architecture.

I strive for color accuracy, fine resolution, controlled focus, and a clean but rich look to my work. My imagery is unambiguous and immediately accessible, and I rely on my viewers’ sensibilities to find individual meanings and enjoyment in my images. The archival-grade pigment (or giclèe) print is my presentation medium. I prefer large prints with the content at the largest size possible, just within the limits of file resolution.

I spent years assisting successful commercial advertising photographers, and my past photography for commerce is evidenced in my current work by good technical control and deliberate staging, whether outdoors in nature or in a studio. My subjects are purposefully lit with strobe or managed available daylight, and I prefer blank black or white backgrounds to set off my subjects when practical.


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